Arishina Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd was conceived with the objective of processing spices and herbs into value added forms like oleoresins, essential oils, granules, crystals and to market these value added products in international market. Our products are used by customers in food, flavor, pharmaceutical and perfumery industries as ingredients for the most delectable food, health and fragrance solutions and thereby satisfy our clients worldwide. At Arishina we believe in a strong sense of business ethics and moral values and strive to achieve the highest level of scientific and technical excellence to provide value to our customers and to create a broad range of ingredients and solutions. We ensures sustainable growth for all stake holders, suppliers and vendors by forming enduring partnerships that have resulted in win win relationships.

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Our research and development infrastructure has helped us stay ahead of our peers in competitive business environments. We use path-breaking technologies and have acquired and customized them to meet varied challenges. Arishina uses the state of the art in technological...


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