Backward Integration

Apart from our range of regular spices we are also engaged in the process of extracting natural oils from herbs like Palma Rosa, Lemon Grass and Dhavana. These are medicinal herbs in demand for use in perfumery and spa industries. Palma Rosa and Lemon Grass for instance are ingredients in perfumes and detergents. Arishina Life Sciences has integrated its supply chain backwards by tying up with farmers in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, both large growing areas, ensuring steady supply of these herbs. Farmers are trained by the company to conduct the conventional distillation process on their farms and the oils distilled are bought, refined, packed and exported to international buyers thereby functioning as a conduit for small scale industry to access international markets.

Organic Initiative

Arishina has ventured into the manufacture and trade of organic spa oils targeting institutional buyers like hotel chains, spas and supermarket chains. Towards this end the company has an arrangement with "Axenic Naturals", Singapore to market our products to international customers mainly in Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Farm Management Tool

A separate IT division for the development of farm management ERP system. Our IT wing focus on development of ERP model tailor made for the management of contract farming operations. The core objective of this GPRS enabled online Software is to ensure effective monitoring and documentation of backward integration of medicinal crops so as to have traceability of the final product to the farm level.

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